Does DIGITS, Android version, able to use phone WiFi ?

    Does DIGITS, Android version, able to use phone WiFi to make outside calls.  Similar to Google Dialer?

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Hello -


        Definitely a great question. I want to make sure we cover all aspects. If you're using the app, it does work on Wi-Fi for calls (Android or iOS version). If you're using one of the Samsung phones with the multi-line feature built-in or a if you're using a duplicate SIM in any capable device and have Wi-Fi calling turned on, that will also work to make and receive calls on Wi-Fi. When you say "outside calls," though, are you talking about international calls?


            Aloha tmo_tim_b,


            Your question on "outside calls", YES I use Google Hangout Dialer to make CALLS outgoing in my house as well as CALLS traveling Internationally. 


            To further clarify, I have a Google NEXUS 5 phone (Android 6.0.1).  The T-Mobile local tower was upgrades to the "New Extended Range LTE Enhanced Signal Strength and Coverage".  Which down graded our current phones (mfg) signal strength.  So our (wife and me) phones don't get processed by the local tower near our home.  If I drive down the street a mile or so, I can receive incoming and make outgoing calls.  Yes, spend many hours with Support.


            Why am I telling you this?  I would like to use DIGITS as my alternative outgoing and incoming calls on my NEXUS 5 phone and my Wife's Samsung Note 3 phone.  Therefore I don't have to use Google Hangout Dialer. 


            If I missed something in setting up DIGITS to use WiFi to make outgoing/incoming call on my Nexus 5 Android phone, Please tell me how to set it up.  I use my T-Mobile phone number as my primary DIGITS Android apps phone number.


            I would appreciate any instructions how to set-up my Android phone to use DIGITS with WiFi.


            Maholo (Thank You)


              • tmo_tim_b

                Hello again!


                Sounds like a rough time with coverage. I'm glad you're testing this to see if it will fill that gap.


                First, I would like to point out that the Note 3 should be able to use Wi-Fi calling without the DIGITs app, though I understand wanting to use the additional flexibility the app has to offer. I've included the steps at the bottom of this to set up Wi-Fi calling on the Note 3.


                When it comes to making the app work on Wi-Fi, you don't have to do anything special, though the Note 3 must be on the latest software (previous versus of software for that device are not compatible with the app). After downloading the app, you sign in with your T-Mobile ID, enable the lines you want to use, and you're good to go. The app will work on either a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi at that point. Beyond that, you just have to make sure your device's Wi-Fi is of course turned on and connected to a Wi-Fi source. If that's not your experience, please let us know a little more about what is happening. 


                When it comes to the international aspect, the app should still work internationally. The FAQs have some great information on the international aspects: DIGITS beta program FAQs. Please take a look and let us know if you have further questions!


                Set up Wi-Fi calling on Note 3

                Turn on & connect

                To use Wi-Fi calling, you must first register an E911 address and turn on Wi-Fi to connect to a Wi-Fi network.


                1. Register your E911 address at My T-Mobile.
                2. Turn on Wi-Fi.
                3. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
                4. Tap Settings.
                5. Tap the Connections tab.
                6. Tap the Wi-Fi Switch to On. The Switch moves right and turns green.
                7. Tap Wi-Fi.
                8. Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.
                  Note: If you do not see the network, tap Scan.
                9. If prompted, enter the password.
                  Note: If necessary, tap Show advanced options to enter IP settings and Proxy settings.
                10. Tap Connect.


                Set connection preference

                1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
                2. Tap Settings.
                3. Tap the Connections tab.
                4. Tap More networks.
                5. Tap Wi-Fi Calling.
                6. Tap Connection Preferences.
                7. Select one of the following options:
                  • Wi-Fi Preferred: All calls are made over an available Wi-Fi network. If there are no available Wi-Fi networks, then calls are made over the cellular network.
                  • Cellular Network Preferred: All calls are made over the cellular network. If the cellular network is not available, then calls are made over an available Wi-Fi network.
                  • Never use Cellular Network: All calls are made over a Wi-Fi network. If there are no available Wi-Fi networks, phone calls will not connect.
                • azdreamscape

                  Aloha, Douglas!

                  Nexus 5, eh?

                  I can tell you that the DIGITS app cannot confirm MY Nexus 5's number, if it is connected to WIFI.

                  I have to get a text and enter a secret number to activate DIGITS.

                  If I turn WIFI off, no problemo.

                  On the other hand, I have tablets with no cellular connection...only WIFI.

                  No worries about the phone number, they work just fine on WIFI.

                  Some of the tablets have the possibility to have a SIM card, but they don't...still no problemo.

                  I haven't tried taking the SIM out of the Nexus 5 to see what happens on WIFI alone.


                  Good luck, brah!

              • azdreamscape

                ...and do you mean 'Hangouts Dialer'?

                • azdreamscape

                  I just decided to try this out, on the Nexus 5.

                  Set phone to 'airplane Mode', then turned WIFI back in manually...good strong signal from the router five feet away!

                  Tried to make a call using the DIGITS app, but got a pop-up to turn off 'Airplane Mode' if I wanted to make a call.

                  Tried again using my 'virtual' number' (the one not associated with a SIM), and got the same results.

                  Tried yet again with the Hangouts Dialer, and was successfully connected. Call quality was pretty sucky, but that's another issue.


                  Apparently, DIGITS is incapable of getting around the fact that the Nexus 5 has no native capability for WIFI calling.

                  I, personally don't really plan on using DIGITS for WIFI calling (on my non-WIFI capable phone), but I know of at least one person who does , and I'll bet the are a bunch more.



                  Hangouts Dialer---1

                  DIGITS app---------0

                    • azdreamscape

                      I just remembered that the DIGITS app has an option to use data only, which I don't think was enabled on my Nexus 5.

                      Perhaps that would have made a difference?

                      I'll be testing it after work today and report back.


                          Aloha azdreamscape


                          Nice to have someone with a Aloha Spirit.  Thanks for giving me your update.  Yes, there is a setting in Android DIGITS for Data, or Wife.  I tried this with Airplane mode on.  It went to the SIM card - yuk.  Will be interesting to see what your result are.  Off to the Farm to harvest pineapples, etc...


                          I would like to use Android DIGITS because my signal in my house non-exists or between 1, 2 bars, if I am lucky and the Volcano Gods (Pele) are with me.  I am using T-Mobile Personal CellSpot WiFi Calling Router (ASUS).  But Nexus 5 does not have WiFi Calling capability.


                          Google Hangout Dialer -- 2

                          Android DIGITS Apps  -- 0



                            • azdreamscape

                              Aloha Douglas!

                              My good friend's wife is a 'native haole'...born in Hawai'i, but not Hawai'ian. (and I play ukulele!)...anyway..


                              Tried out the DIGITS app set to data only.

                              Airplane Mode, but with WIFI on.

                              NO calls worked using DIGITS.


                              Hangouts Dialer--3



                              DIGITS can't catch a wave.


                                  Aloha azdreamscape,

                                  Did not want to hear dat (HI for that).  I hope DIGITS Development peruse the Community Forum!

                                  Thanks so much for trying out this procedure.  I guess I will uninstall Android DIGITS an re-do the Survey.  The greasy will gets the oil... 

                                  Hangouts Dialer--4


                                  I will talk to Pele, the Volcano Gods, to pray for Android DIGITS for WiFi access...

                                    • tmo_evan

                                      Sorry that you're coming across cases where this doesn't work as desired.


                                      We're working on a new build of the application for Android that will allow you to initially "start" the application directly in DATA mode.  Once this build is available, then you will be able to use the application strictly over WiFi without it trying to reach out to the native dialer for making calls for the "phone number" of the phone itself.  Thus providing WiFi calling for a phone that doesn't natively have it.    Right now the builds are a bit more optimized to utilize WiFi Calling when available with the assumption that it's available on most devices.


                                      Once this new version of the application is rolled out, you should be able to use it I think for each of the cases that you laid out above.  You should also find that you can use it today on an Android tablet and get all of these cases solved too, but that's obviously not exactly what you're looking for.


                                      Please keep banging on the application and providing us with additional use cases that we might not have previously considered!


                                          Aloha evanmf,


                                          You just made my day.  Looking forward to testing this out.  What's the Build number so I can look out for it.  On another note, I guess Volcano God Pele' heard my wishes...


                                          Mahalo Nui (Thanks so much) for sharing this information with me




                                            Aloha evanmf,


                                            I have some information for you.  I downloaded the Feb 2 2017, DIGITS version 1.0.150.  In order to get DIGITS Android to use my WiFi instead of the SIM card.  I have to remove the SIM card.  When I do this the DIGITS Data setting works great.  My DIGITS Android phone can make calls using my WiFi.  I can receive calls too to from TMo users.  Know I can receive calls and make calls from my location (house).  Of course I will have to insert the SIM card in my Nexus 5 phone when I leave my location (house).   I must add, I had to register after I removed the SIM card!


                                            azdreamscape, forum user, suggested removing sim card!  I give him credit for coming up with the idea.  He tried with Airplane mode on, with no luck.  App message came with error.

                                            Mahalo (Thanks),


                                          • azdreamscape

                                            ALOHA Douglas!


                                            I think I may have the answer to using the Nexus 5 on WIFI with DIGITS,


                                            Another user in another thread says they were able to do it, just take the SIM card out of the phone!


                                            Probably need to re-start, and then...?


                                            Maybe it will work?


                                            IT WORKS!...sort of...


                                            I CAN call out, but the audio was EXTREMELY choppy...barely usable.


                                            Pele' has answered, but the answer is not so favorable.




                                                Aloha Steve,


                                                That is good news.  I will try it myself hoping I get a better audio.  I'll will get my wife to call me (TMo user) and see if the connection comes through.


                                                Stay tune, Pele' start doing your thing... 




                                                    Aloha Steve,


                                                    Things are looking good!  I took your example of removing the SIM card from my Nexus 5.  Wala, I am able to use my WiFi calling out and had my wife call me with her TMo phone.  My audio was great, as expected via WiFi.  I had not problem hearing my wife.  Not that I enjoy what she had to say (honey dos).   I am going to share this info with a Developer who contacted me via this forum.   Oh, there's a new release Android DIGITS version 1.0.150 Feb 2, 2017.  I hope this version audio for you is better.   Now I can remove the SIM and via WiFi get calls and send call from my house.


                                                    Volcano Gods, Pele' are working overtime...


                                                    Google Hangout Dialer -- 4

                                                    DIGITS Android           -- 1


                                                Aloha azdreamscape


                                                Good news, read what evanmf wrote me! 




                                        • tmo_amanda


                                          This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!