I am posting this thread here because I don't want this to happen to any one else. This is really disgraceful that company like T mobile is doing this to customer.


    Once my I phone was stolen from a restaurant and I felt bad but at same time I realized that it was because of my ignorance and it was easy to get over it. But this time T mobile took my and my wife Iphone 6 as part of free Iphone 7 Program back in September (When Iphone 7 was released) and now they are refusing to pay any money for those Iphone and on top of that they are refusing to return my devices too. So in sort they stole my device.


    This is the series of event that happened,


    1) Sep 15 when I  and my wife switched from AT&T and Sprint to T mobile a long with other people in my family.

    2) On 27 Sep we ordered two Iphone 7 as part of Iphone 6 Trade in program.

    3) We paid more than 500$ to get out of contract with Sprint and AT&T to do trade in for new one (As Iphone 7 tradeIn was saving as more money).

    4) I got email from T mobile on same day (27 Sep) that Offer amount for my device for $0. Puzzled with this, I called customer care and they told me there is some issue with system and don't worry about this email and you can send us both of your Iphone 6.

    5) On 6 Oct I mailed both of my Iphone in perfect working condition to them.

    6) On 17 Oct and 18 Oct I got two email from T mobile saying that they received both of my device (Both email had correct IMEI number for my devices). On same days I got another mail saying that $0 credit applied to your account.

    7) I called T mobile to ask why this is the case and they told same thing to not worry about it and it takes 2-3 Billing cycle for billing credit to get applied.

    8) I waited for 2 billing cycle and called them again. This time they said that there is some issue with backend system and we will apply credit soon. Since then I called them 4-5 time and every time they said "wait for next billing cycle"

    9) I went on vacation on Jan and called them again after coming back. But this time there response was dramatically different. They said, reason you did not get any credit because none of your device turned on (Which is hard of believe because both of device was in perfect working condition, And email I got from Tmobile on 17 and 18 Oct that they received my device had right IMEI number which they would have not got without turning on device). They also said thats the reason why you got $0 credit (But I sent my device after I received estimate of $0 and after talking to customer rep).

    10) Then I said, OK then give me my device and I will show you it works perfectly, to that they said we can not do that either. Then I was like, "what should I do ?", You took my both perfectly working Iphone 6, Not giving any credit for them (which I deserve) and on top of that refusing to return my device.


    This is unethical from company like T mobile to do that to there customer. I am looking for any one else who went through same problem so that I can prepare for some legal action. I will also follow up on this on social media. Let me know if you need more detail.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: How T mobile Stole my two Iphone 6

        Hello, yogi1306.  This sounds terrible, and I'm very sorry to read about all that you've been through.  I appreciate that you've taken the time to provide such a detailed outline of your experience here, although I certainly wish there were another outcome.  Typically if a device is devalued upon inspection, a return of the equipment would be offered so that you wouldn't be in this position - there is a limited window of time where you can accept that offer, but I'm thinking that this would have happened in October when the devices were received.  The other possibility based on your timeline is that the "powers on" question was not answered correctly during the initial Trade-In offer's creation, since you mentioned that the very first email you received stated that your offer was $0.  It sounds like you contacted us after these incidents and we advised you to disregard these emails - that seems like a serious error on our part.  If this is the case, we definitely dropped the ball.  Since the Support Community is a user forum, Moderators here don't have the ability to access individual accounts.  I am glad to see that you've mentioned social media, though - we have an excellent support team on Facebook and Twitter who are able to securely verify your account and take a look to see what options we have to make this right.  You can message us through either of the links on my badge below and once your account is verified, simply copy and paste your post above or the link to this thread.  On our part here, I will absolutely pass this feedback on.  Thank you for your post.


        - Marissa

          • yogi1306

            Re: How T mobile Stole my two Iphone 6





            "Typically if a device is devalued upon inspection, a return of the equipment would be offered so that you wouldn't be in this position - there is a limited window of time where you can accept that offer,"


            Last Customer rep told me same thing (But none of customer rep in first 5-6 call mentioned that, all of them asked me to wait for next billing cycle for credit to get applied). I went through all of my email archive and text message and I never received such message or email to accept return. I did not even got any call or VM from T mobile about "devalued device" (Which I should have got).

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: How T mobile Stole my two Iphone 6

                Hmm, you're right, you definitely should have received notice - it should have been a text message, and would have appeared on your MyT-Mobile account as well when you were checking your Trade-In status.  Since you didn't mention it initally, and are now confirming that you didn't see anything of this nature, yogi1306, that's why I'm wondering it's possible that the "powers on" question was answered negatively during the initial trade-in creation.  If the offer was always $0, then the device wouldn't have been "devalued" upon inspection, which would have prevented those messages from being sent.  I wish I was able to see your account history to confirm this!  There should be records in your account of the messages if they were sent, as well as all of your diligent contact to resolve this matter.  If we misinformed you regarding the $0 offer when you reached out, then I truly apologize - and I sincerely hope that if you contact T-Force we'll be able to review this matter and help out in some way. 


                - Marissa