Looking for a basic phone for Simple Choice plan. Suggestions?


    I'm kind of sick of having a Smartphone and want to go with a basic phone. But I see the following problems:

    1. T-Mobile doesn't offer any basic phones.
    2. I do not want to break the family plan to go with another carrier or a paid as you go plan.
    3. I understand that T-Mobile with eliminate their 2G service by 2021. (Correct?)

    I figure that I could get either a used T-Mobile Basic phone or a compatible unlocked phone. I'd like:

    1. A phone that doesn't have email, Facebook, web browser, etc. if possible.
    2. I would, however, like a camera and the ability to send picture messages.
    3. I really wouldn't mind having this phone for a long time. The more durable the better.
    4. Great battery life would be a plus.

    I saw the Nokia 150 but it's not available yet and probably never will be in the USA. I've been looking around and haven't quite found one that really appeals to me.


    Any suggestions?

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