Being scammed by Tmobile


    There was a deal on Black Friday which allowed you to trade in your Galaxy S5 for new iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7. I ended up trade in 3 phones (all 3 Galaxy S5 in mint condition) through Costco Wireless Center. I submitted my rebate process form on 11/27/2016. They provided me with three separate tracking numbers with 3 RMA (one for each phone). I sent all 3 phones together on December 2nd and they were all received on Dec 5th at YORK, PA facility. Now 2 months later and I saw my rebate statuses were denied because "Device Not Received, no Trade-in record found". What are you kidding me? I did my due diligent by doing all of these steps and kept my phone sparkly new the last couple years to get this crap? Now I am stuck with paying for all the EIP payments for 3 phones????? SOMEONE NEEDS TO REPLY TO THIS SITUATION! Been trying to call the promotion status people and no one had picked up for the past 2 hours!!!

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Being scammed by Tmobile

        I think I may already know the problem right off the bat.


        Were the devices all sent back together in the same packaging?



          • legendsaiyan

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            I was given 3 separate packages with 3 different labels and tracking numbers (one for each phone). I can message you the RMAs and USPS tracking numbers so you can see the confirmation.

              • tmo_mike_c

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                Wow, I really wish this had gone way smoother for you. Waiting 2 hours for no reply is something I don't want to happen again either. This is something that we'll need to have account access for and I'm sorry, we don't have that access here. If you Contact Us you can give our T-Force team a shot at this. They are an awesome social support group that can take a look at this further with the RMA numbers you have. My apologies this happened, but I strongly suggest giving our T-Force team a chance to get this taken care of for you.