i dont understand


    Why is it taking so long to release the update?

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      • e2k

        Re: i dont understand

        You did not specify a device for which you are seeking an update.


        In any case, updates are developed by the manufacturer. Carrier just test the update before it is released. The only publicly available information regarding updates is on the Firmware Updates page. No further information will be disclosed.

          • s.morgan

            Re: i dont understand

            I did assume sense I got to this discussion by clicking on the galaxy s 7 ask a question, that only someon who also clicked on galaxy s 7 would see this. I didn't think that this was a discussion upon to all phone types. Otherwise I would have specifies 'why is it taking so long to release the update for galaxy s 7?'

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: i dont understand

            Hey s.morgan!  The updates for the S7 and S7edge are currently in the testing phase, and we have a Software update development FAQs page that lays out a bit of what happens during testing, if you're interested!  I know what you'd really love is a projected completion date, but unfortunately we don't have a timeline to provide - FWIW, there was a Nougat Beta for these devices, though, so my personal hope is that a reasonable amount of feedback was gleaned from that project and testing should be swift!  We hope you won't be waiting for too much longer.


            - Marissa