Idea for SMS syncing


    For me personally, the biggest drawback to DIGITS is that, if you don't use a select Samsung device, outbound SMS messages that you send from a computer, tablet, or secondary phone don't appear on your primary device.


    A potential workaround would be to have an option in the DIGITS app that allows you to select whether you'd like a "copy" of all SMS messages sent from other devices to be sent to your device...So, for example, if you sent an SMS from a computer, a copy of that text would also be sent to my main phone using the SMS protocol. It would in essence be an SMS message from me, to me.



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      • tmo_kirstin

        Re: Idea for SMS syncing

        jcf2007 thank you for the feedback! We are always looking for ways to make this service better for our consumers. While I think they plan to eventually fix the issue with syncing this may still be a good option for customers that want to be able to send a copy to another device or number! Thanks for taking the time to reach out with your suggestion!

        • jm1313

          Re: Idea for SMS syncing

          It's not just non-Samsung devices.  Syncing is an issue everywhere it seems, and messaging with one number on multiple devices is not working great.  I'm using Sammy phone and Sammy watch (S3), and the syncing is essentially non-existent via DIGITS.  There are suggested work-arounds for watch users that help with multiple notifications, but they don't address or fix the syncing issues.  It seems to me that when it comes to messaging, DIGITS should like many of the already functioning messaging apps available. I came from Big Red, and their messaging plus app was one of the best carrier offered apps I've seen.  Much like one of the many messaging apps available in the play store, messages synced across multiple devices (phone, tablet, pc) using your phone number, and functionality for  things like web searches, gif searches, etc were all included in the app.  I realize T-Mo is trying to do something similar, but take it a step further by allowing you to use the stock app on your phone instead of a separate app, but so far it seems to be missing the mark.  Maybe starting with a dedicated app, and then working with handset, tablet, and wearable manufacturers to bake it into their stock messaging apps would be more prudent.  They were obviously able to get Sammy on board as far as including the multiple number one device portion into the S7 and S7E.   Just a though.......

          • rpanchapagesan

            Re: Idea for SMS syncing

            Here is another suggestion for those rare people like me, who likes to carry a non-smartphone every now and then.


            • Can I login to my account online and click on "Change Services" on the DIGITS line, and could there be a check-box to subscribe or unsubscribe for SMS messages totally?


            The idea is, I don't want to even see my phone unless someone really wants to talk to me / unless I hear a voice call ring on the phone. I would rather not want to see any text messages at all -- leave alone the fact that repeated synchronization of messages over and over again, annoys me.




            • makeyourownmyth

              Re: Idea for SMS syncing

              This is the best and most useful comment I've seen on this community forum since opening my DIGITS account. Syncing has to happen. It doesn't REALLY matter how, but this seems to make the most sense, other than the perhaps more obvious: it just should happen by default. Thanks to jcf2007 for this great thread.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Idea for SMS syncing



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