i forgot my email and password how can i access my account


    i don't remember my log in info how can i get into my account. says it can send to my phone but dont have it at the moment

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      • tmo_marissa

        Oh no, nanap1978!  I'm so sorry you're stuck in this predicament.  As far as online options go, SMS verification (the message that our site would send to your phone) is really your only option at this point.  If you could recall at least the email you associated with your T-Mobile ID, then we could send you a reset that way - what about searching your email accounts for "T-Mobile" to see if you can pinpoint which one you used by looking for the historical sign-up confirmation message? 
        What was it that you needed to complete on the site?  We don't have access to accounts here, but we can answer general questions or try to direct you to the best channel for resolution.  Is your phone just not with you at the moment, or is it permanently lost?  We're happy to help if we can!


        - Marissa

          • nanap1978

            i figured out the email. it is XXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com. i went through last

            night and found that but it wouldnt let me send the password request to it.


            * edited personal info - Marissa

              • tmo_marissa

                Gotcha!  I did edit the address out of your reply for your privacy, since the forum is public, but I checked it first.  I'm so sorry to say that it looks like that email hasn't yet been saved as a password reset method.  What we'd need you to do in this instance nanap1978 is to please Contact Us so that we can work with you to reset your password and/or establish this as a reset method.  Just a heads up - I do know that once an email address is saved it can take 24 hours before the system will allow it to be used for a password reset.  I apologize in advance for that wait time, it's intended to keep accounts secure, but it always stinks when an honest customer has to wait because of fraud prevention methods - but once it's saved, it will be saved for good.  Live Chat requires logging in to MyT-Mobile, so that won't be an option, but if you prefer to work with an online team you're welcome to contact our T-Force staff through Facebook or Twitter.  In those channels we have a way to securely verify your account, so we can take a look and answer any questions you may have, as well as help you work out the online access issue.


                - Marissa