Prepaid Account: Balance not showing amount I paid, bank shows withdrawals from T-Mobile




    A few weeks ago I added abound $60.00 to my T-Mobile balance which I thought it would be good to cover well $60.00 worth of service. Today my internet was cancelled and i was notified I needed to again refill my account. I added another $50.00 after seeing my balanced was now $10.25 I should have 60.25 right? Wrong my T-Mobile account is still only showing $30.25 so where's the other $30? Actually where's the other $60 I prepaid weeks ago? I am in their $30 a month prepaid plan. Mytmobile account doesn't let me see paid records at all. i am seeing wirhdrawals forT-Mobile on my bank account but I don't see balance in my account.  I got a text notifying me i added $50 and my balance is now 60.25 so where's the rest of that balance? Or the money I prepaid a few weeks ago?



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