my tablet only goes to the t-mobile screen till it dies what should i do



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      • theartiszan

        Have you tried doing a hardware master reset with the buttons?

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        • webergti

          It happent to me ones i dont remember if i try to clear the catch through the recovery mode and didn't work all I know i didn't want it to do a factory reset from the recovery mode but you can try that if you don't want to do what work for me.


          This is how i fix it and you have to disconnect the battery and reconnect the battery to do that you have to pry open the back cover take the sim card and the sd card out first then between the chrome bezel and the back cover you have to stick something sharp but plastic like expire credit card or id nothing metal



          Ones open disconnect and reconnect the battery


          Done that work for me but you can try clearing the cache first by going to recovery mode


          Make sure is off first by holding the power and the home buttons at the same time for like ten secons til the screen goes off the ones the screen is off release the power & home buttons and press volume up fallow by home then power ones the samsung logo turns on you should see on the top left corner some blue letters that spell recovery then you let go the power but keep holding the volume up and home till you get to recovery mode to navegate on recovery us volume up and volume down to highlight the selection and prest power to select



          Then you be promt to a warning just select yes


          And for factory/ resset hard reset do this


          Now if you get it to boot up go to storage under setting and check you storage you may be really low on storage and thats what couse the problem from the begining usually cache date use more the 1gb of storage and by crearing it from the recovery mode will make it boot up but it could have other corrupt file due to low storage the even clearing the cache won't get delete unless you do a factory reset or what work for me it was to disconnect and reconnect the battery hope this help you

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          • tmo_marissa

            Hey naccirdaisy!  I just wanted to check in on you - how is your tablet doing?  My first suggestion would be exactly what theartiszan recommended - if you let us know which Galaxy Tab you're using we can look the steps up for you!  Although webergti's steps are super thorough, I wouldn't recommend them if your tablet is still under warranty, because opening the device up like this may void that warranty. :/  Either way, please let us know what you've tried, what worked, and if you still need assistance! 


            - Marissa