No service in the UK


    Hi, I recently joined TMobile and have an excellent service on my own Samsung Galaxy S7.  I went to Mexico and got great service there too, even with LTE sometimes.


    I'm currently in the UK and have no service here.  My phone either tells me that I have No Service or Emergency Calls Only.  I spoke with a TMobile support engineer who was very helpful but couldn't solve the problem.


    Manually selecting a network doesn't work (the network is there but it seems my phone isn't authorized to connect).  Restarting the phone doesn't work..

    Neither does taking the sim out and putting it in again.


    If I put a UK SIM in the phone it connects fine, so there doesn't seem to be anything incompatible with the phone and UK networks.


    It's strange that roaming worked in Mexico but not in the UK on any of their networks.


    Does anyone have any ideas?



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