macOS app bugs


    On the macOS app version 0.1.10 the app still rings when the app is in the offline and do not disturb option is selected.

    Also the app still rings when I have the Mac notifications set to do not disturb.

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      • tmo_kendra

        Re: macOS app bugs

        Thank you for reaching out smileyjl97, this is something that we need to look into a bit more. I am going to have someone reach out to you to get some more information. Thank you

        • tmo_chris

          Re: macOS app bugs

          This is a good find Ill be sending you a private message now.

          • rpanchapagesan

            Re: macOS app bugs

            Hey there,


            I am using 0.1.12 version of macOS client for a primary line that is my regular mobile phone. There are two issues that I have seen so far:


            1. When the app is minimized or closed, the app doesn't wake up / pop up on an incoming call. Worse yet, it doesn't even ring. This is even though the status shows as online on the top bar. The app rings only when the app is left open.
            2. All the issues mentioned in no. 1 above exists when the incoming call is from a LineLink line PLUS an additional issue -- the incoming call is not even recognized even if the app is left open (not minimized, not closed)