Exorbitant International charge and missing warning text messages


    I got my December bill and I saw a charge of $471 for making international calls. It seems somehow my phone started making direct calls instead of google voice for international call. I contacted customer service because in past I have gotten text messages alerting me for overage and this time I didn't. Customer service informed me that sent 2 text messages one on 12/10 and another on 12/25. I didn't received those messages. I contacted technical support and they were of not much help as what happened to those text messages. Customer service rep did waive half of the fee but still I have to pay $1.00 per minute compared to $.01 i pay using google voice. I know this is a software glitch on phone but they also are in fault on not able to figure out what happened to the alert text messages and saying they sent text message when i didn't receive. They won't retroactive apply an international plan to last month for a 15 year old customer. I am also a bit pissed about the $1.99 that they charge now for calling to india if you don't have a plan.


    I don't want to get their plan because that locks me to calling from one phone. I will have to get that on 4 line for $60 per month extra. What are my option?


    I also remember I used to pay 0.20 c to india without any plan which probably i lost in all those plan changes in last couple of years. Or am i dreaming? Did they ever have 0.20 c rate to india without any international plan.

    How can i track down that I didn't receive the alert text and make them believe it and adjust me bill at least for calls after 12/10?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey boniam!


        I'd be pretty shocked if my bill was that high, too. I'm sorry this was an unwanted surprise when you normally get a heads up of the incoming overages. It sounds like you have spent a decent amount of time working with Customer Care and Tech support.


        - As far as the rates go, I've been with T-Mobile for over 5 years and don't remember when they had international calling for $0.20 without a plan. Currently, it is $1.99 per minute for calls made to India without a plan. If you have our Stateside International plan, the calls would have been included.


        - In regard to not receiving the text notification, I'm assuming Tech support checked to see if you have message blocking set-up which may have prevented receiving the overage warning. Do you have any third party apps that you use for SMS? Lastly, our system is set-up to show us if SMS' were successfully sent/received so I'm not sure what happened.