Samsung J7 game apps requiring internet only work on wifi


    My daughter's Samsung Galaxy J7 has an issue with apps requiring internet connection - they only work when connected to WiFi.  When connected to the 4G network, they state that they are unable to connect to the internet.  Now, while on 4G, she CAN access native internet using apps, like Google Maps, GMAIL, Amazon Store, Chrome browser, Google Play Store.  These apps also work on 4g data: YouTube Kids, Netflix, Amazon Music.  Oddly enough, in running through her apps, a game called Draw N Guess also seems to be working.  It showed me games in progress and two I could join, and let me join a game.


    But games like Bakery Story (and all other 'story' from team lava) and My Singing Monsters will not work.  I have looked at every setting I can find, and also took the phone up to the TMobile store, but they could not figure out the cause of the problem.  My husband and I both have the exact same phone, one purchased within a few days of hers and the other a few weeks after that, and we have no such problems.


    Does anyone have any advice?  I have reset all settings to factory, wiped cache data, installed all updates, rebooted several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the offending apps, all to no avail.  I do not know what else to try, other than a complete wipe and restore from backup, but she is very concerned that she will lose game data/progress, especially her minecraft files.  We do also have an SD card mounted, but I do not know how to direct it to or tell if it is already writing those things to the SD card.  I have never used Samsung backup and restore, and I do not know if it will restore all that stuff or not.


    Any advice from others out there more experienced?  We were Iphone users until these J7's, so this is a bit new for us.

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