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    So it's only been about 48 hours testing the DIGITS beta, but already noticing multiple issues with text messages.  First issue is that I receive duplicate messages on the Gear whenever it either goes to standalone mode, or reconnects via Bluetooth to the S7.  On the gear one message appears to have been received by the phone and "forwarded" to the Gear, and then the same message is received by the Gear itself (or vice versus if received by the Gear first).  On the Gear, you can usually differentiate between the messages because of the watch icon on one of them and not on the other.  I believe I've already seen this mentioned, but not sure if it's been or is being addressed.  Obviously it can get very confusing to try to track conversations with multiple same messages, especially when received out of order. ****Update, just recently started getting duplicate messages on the GS7 now too.  Not all messages, but at least 2 different occasions today with that occurring.  One was a multi-media message with a picture.


    I’ve also noticed that since joining the test, the Gear seems to now receive some group messages as a group, which it was not doing prior.  This is actually a plus, but is only happening intermittently it seems.  I’m not sure if these are being received directly or forwarded from the phone; prior to joining the beta, I had not had any group messages sent directly to the Gear. 


    Next, this morning, I noticed that my S7 is now randomly sending text messages twice from the stock messaging app.  Sometimes, the message will be received twice by the recipient, sometimes only once, but the messaging app will still show it as being sent twice.  Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated. 


    I already followed the advice of another post to disable notifications in the Gear App on the phone for messages, calls, and voice mails. While that’s a great temporary fix to receiving multiple notifications, it’s a bit annoying too, since I don’t get a notification on the Gear when blue toothed to the S7 and a text is sent to the phone. So if my phone is in the other room on vibrate or low volume, with the Gear blue toothed and I get a text, I have no way of knowing until I pick the phone back up - definitely not ideal.  I realize I could manually go in and change the notification settings depending on whether blue toothed or not, but that’s a ridiculous extra step to take every time I connect or disconnect. 


    Anyway, pains of a Beta, but hoping these things get addressed soon. Again any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey jm1313! Thanks for taking the time to post to our community I know you probably joined the DIGITS beta the get your messages on more than one device and more messages on your one device haha. I want to take a closer look at what is going on here so I am going to send you a private message so we can get a bug report sent up for this. 

          • ransomv

            Regarding duplicate messages on watch...


            FYI: I am using an S7 and an S2. (And a Galaxy Tab E) I know the S3 isn't the same as the S2, but I think they are similar enough.


            In order for DIGITS to work correctly, the watch needs to be in stand-alone mode. If not, here is what happens (for me) when an incoming text happens:

            1. The text message is received by the S7
            2. The text messages is received by DIGITS on the S2.
            3. The S7, forwards the text message to the S2 over the bluetooth connection.

            As such, I end up with duplicate messages on the S2.


            However, if I disconnect the bluetooth connection from my S2 to my S7, I don't get the duplicate. To do this:

            1. Open the Gear app on the phone.
            2. Scroll down and select "Gear connection"
            3. At the top, turn off the Gear connection.


            Later, if you need to make more changes to the watch configuration you can go to the Gear app on the phone, turn the connection on, make the changes you want, then repeat the steps above.

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              • jm1313

                I have an S7 and S3. I've seen this (severing BT or remote connection) suggested before, and am currently testing  with the BT off on the watch, but the remote connection on.  I'll test without the remote connection at all (complete standalone mode) after a few more days.


                Either way, I don't agree that having to sever the BT or the remote connection completely is an answer to the issues with DIGITS.  I firmly believe that the watch/phone are intended to be connected via BT most of the time. In that configuration, syncing occurs more seamlessly for all apps -- noticed this morning that S Health and Samsung Pay data does not  sync to the phone from the watch via remote connection, only via BT. While not yet tested, I'm guessing nothing syncs with the watch in complete standalone mode.  Also, the BT connection allows for full functionality between the phone and watch as far as sending content to the watch, managing apps, watch faces, and quick messages.  Yes, some of those can be accomplished on the watch itself, but not all, so functionality is lost without the BT connection.


                With that being the case, it's my assertion that T-Mo needs to be aware of the issues faced when using the BT connection between watch/phone; and as Beta testers we shouldn't be searching for work-arounds as solutions to those problems.  Sure, if it makes things more convenient in the short term that's great, but when T-Mo tries to charge the average daily user for the service, that consumer is going to want DIGITS to work with very little additional "action" on their part (having to to connect/disconnect daily for data to sync shouldn't be an expectation).  Most people want to get their phone, watch, tab, etc pull it out of the box and have it work, and if they are being charged for a service they don't want to be "burdened" with having to change settings or configurations whether often or not.  We may not see it as a "burden", but I think the average person or most people like to set and forget.  

            • tmo_amanda


              This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!