Can I continue using DIGITS on iPad after Beta Period?


    Just curious about this


    Can I continue using DIGITS ( i.e. One Number on Multiple Devices ) on iPad after Beta Period?


    The reason that I asked is because when I tried to sign up "One Number on Multiple Devices" -> iPad -> I noticed the following


    Important notes



    What happens when the beta program is finished?

    • When the test is over, you can continue using the DIGITS app free of charge.
    • If you don’t want to use the service, simply log out of the app or uninstall it.



    The answer to the question seems only referring to the DIGITS APP and not the service. As a result, I just want to double-check and confirm. Thanks.


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      • azdreamscape

        I would say the app would be useless without the service...


        We beta testers are supposed to be granted use of the service 'for free', once the program goes mainstream.


        It remains to be seen exactly how much will be free, and how much we may still have to pay for, at that time.


        Since they are the 'Un-Carrier', I'm hopeful that T-mobile will be exceedingly grateful for the efforts of the beta team, and we will be granted free usage for whatever use of DIGITS we desire.

        • tmo_tim_b

          Hello wilson001


          The only effective way to use DIGITs service on the iPad is with the app. Since the device itself cannot make or receive normal phone calls or SMS (only iMessage and FaceTime), a duplicate SIM card does not get sent for these devices. The expectation is that the app would be downloaded and used for this device.


          Does that help?

          • dshrum84

            Last I read, after the beta, testers will have 90 days to decide whether to keep Digits under whatever terms are offered or drop it.  The terms may include a preferential treatment of beta testers but they may not.  If you decide not to continue, your service reverts to it's pre-beta status after 90 days.


            You'll need the service and the app to use Digits on a non-SIM device.  The App does the work, but you still need to log into it with your Digits-enabled T-Mo account.

            • tmo_kendra

              Hey wilson001, great question. Yes, you will be able to continue using DIGITS once the BETA is finished.

              DIGITS beta program FAQs


              What happens when the beta program is finished?

              • At the end of the beta, you'll need to decide if you’d like to keep using DIGITS. You get 90 days to continue it at no additional charge.
              • If you do nothing, DIGITS is automatically removed from your account 90 days from the end of the beta program, and your account returns back to how it was before the beta program.