Roaming in Canada on duplicate SIM


    Hi, just want to make sure I am OK on this.  My primary line (iPhone 7 Plus) is on the T Mobile One plan, and has unlimited roaming, texting, calling, etc, in Canada.  I received a duplicate SIM which I am using in a Samsung Galaxy S7.  All works well so far.  When I travel next week to Canada, if I bring the Galaxy S7, do I have international roaming capabilities just like my primary line would have if I brought my iPhone instead?  Any limitations?  Do I have unlimited data on the duplicate SIM phone?  Thanks!

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      • lemmyslender

        Re: Roaming in Canada on duplicate SIM

        I don't know about the roaming, but with a duplicate sim, the data is currently pulled from your hotspot allotment, not the regular unlimited data.

        • tmo_tim_b

          Re: Roaming in Canada on duplicate SIM

          Hello douglasbfox

          At this time, you will most likely want to take your iPhone or put your original SIM card in the S7 if are going to travel internationally. Duplicate SIM cards and virtual numbers do not work internationally.

          However, the DIGITS app will work internationally, so you could download it to your S7 and use calls and text that way. You wouldn't be able to simply take the S7 with the duplicate SIM as is and use it. Since the duplicate SIM card will not work internationally, data on the cellular network won't be an option. As such, the DIGITS app would have to work through WiFi if the duplicate SIM is in the device while roaming internationally.

          I hope that helps!