Gear S2 not vibrating when receiving notifications?


    Alright, let me cut to the point... As stated in the topic title, I haven't gotten any vibration feedback from my notifications, specifically Google Allo since last Saturday. Before that day, it was working perfectly fine and it gave me the vibration response for every message I got on Allo. I also haven't gotten any new updates for either my S7 edge or gear S2 either, so I haven't made any changes with the Gear app nor in the settings on my watch, same with Allo itself. I have tried everything from resetting my watch, unmarking every notification related choice for S gear plugins, and nearly tempted to just buy a new watch... So please help and give some suggestions to fix this if possible...

    More info if needed:

    Main device - Galaxy S7 edge G935T

    Wearable - Gear S2 T-Mobile version.

    I do receive vibration feedback from calls and normal SMS messages.

    A set of pictures for my notification settings.



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