Digits iOS app continues to torture me with unread messages


    Latest Digits iOS app 1.0.6, updated Jan 23:


    When I receive a text message on both my virtual line (on a Samsung Galaxy S7) and the app on a iOS device, I need to clear the message on the app after it's been read on the main device.


    And worse: if I turn on my primary line on the app, I then will get many tens of 'unread' messages, each of which need to be cleared individually while the app was disabled.


    In other words, you can't enable a line weeks after the Beta started, or you will have an hour or more of clearing old messages away from the count. And if you disable the line, the message count stays, but there are no underlying messages to clear, so you enable the line, clear the count (one by one), the disable again.


    Not a usable system until it learns to read which messages you've read on another device.

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