Is anyone else's Nexus6P signal cycling?


    My signal will randomly drop from excellent (full bars, working internet) coverage to zero service, and then cycle back on within about 5-10 seconds. The process is like this - I lose connection, dropping from LTE to the equivalent of no service, then get full bars back with an X over the LTE status, and finally full LTE again, all within 5-10 seconds. Sometimes this repeats two or three times in a row, and can happen 5 or 10 times a day. Then again, it could happen a lot more when I'm not around. This completely will interrupt browsing, opening apps, or watching videos, but then will allow me to continue after the signal cycle.

    I am in areas with great coverage (much of the time in downtown DC), so I doubt coverage is a problem. Seems based on some answers in the Nexus6P subreddit that several users are having the same problem with their Nexus6P's interacting with T-Mo's network.

    Any ideas or solutions? If it's interactivity between my device and T-Mo's network, who would need to be contacted to look for a fix? Thanks!

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