Has the 5GB for 5 Months for $10 promotion expired?


    I just got a new ipad air 2 with cellular functionality, and as I was going through the T-Mobile selection for data, I am presented numerous times of a 5GB for 5 months for $10, which is supposed to be located under the "Data on the Fly" option, but it doesn't exist.  Has this promotion expired?  Why is it still showing up on my ipad when trying to select a data account option?


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      • carljbickford@hotmail.com

                                                                                                  "5 GB for 5 Months"


        I also would appreciate a somewhat more "detailed" explanation and/or any, if not all information about this query. That is of course if such information on the question in hand is still available and that the aforementioned option is still being offered as an alternative for T-Mobile to help provide it's members and patrons with affordable cellular phone and mobile internet service.


        I vividly remember having witnessed this offer in writing first hand within the last 30-60 days. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to gain access to this service or to even find any evidence of it's existence, past or present; anywhere excluding this discussion forum and the "mouseprint" located on the T-Mobile website listed under "On Demand Passes." If in fact this option of T-Mobile service "is still" or even "once was" an actual being of reality, I ask only that any information related to the subject in question be shared with all members and/or patrons of the T-Mobile company.


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          • hochylora@gmail.com

            And does it qualify for BingeOn!?

            • kbonnely

              FYI:  I called T-Mobile support, and was able to get it added onto my ipad.  It was a little bit of work, but we eventually got it added.


              Also, regarding the "And does it qualify for BingeOn!?", I seem to remember reading online that it does not qualify for bingeon (i.e. no data usage).  But not 100% sure, as I haven't tested it.  (Don't really plan on using my data to stream netflix/youtube.)