Multiline in S7 contacts feature request.


    Currently, if you add or edit a contact, a number is and must assigned as the default dialer for that contact.  Calls made from the contacts list are immediately dialed as coming that number.  There needs to be a way to change which number the call is being made from.  Possibly no default number as an option in the contact files.  Perhaps a setting to have a choice to change the before the call is actually dialed.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Multiline in S7 contacts feature request.

        Hello @tankshop -


        Unless I'm misunderstanding, both of these options are available actually! When you first dial a contact, it will prompt you for which number you want to use. On that same prompt you have the option to choose Mark As Default or Just Once. If you choose the second option, it will continue prompt the same question the next time you dial the same contact.


        However, if you have chosen the Mark As Default option, you can change it any time. Go to your contacts list and find the contact. Next, choose the Edit option. Just below the phone number is a Default Line option. here you can switch between the available lines on your device.


        I hope that helps!

          • tankshop

            Re: Multiline in S7 contacts feature request.


            Yes with existing contacts, I have a choice of which number the call is

            from. There is no default dialer number in the contact info.

            If I add a new contact or edit an existing contact, the default dialer

            field must be filled with one of my Multiline numbers. There is no blank

            option. When I make a call from that contact, the dialing starts

            immediately using the now stored default.

          • tmo_evan

            Re: Multiline in S7 contacts feature request.


            Thanks for the suggestion!  I've passed this along to our team who works with Samsung as something to look at in a future build.  Thanks for trying this out and explaining what you'd like to see happen.