Any options for a new Android phone not carried by T-Mobile?


    I'm shopping carriers as my AT&T contract is coming to an end and I'm not very happy with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I like Android but none of the T-Mobile Android phones interest me. I like T-Mobile but what should I do to lesson the cost of switching while swapping to a new phone such as Oneplus 3.


    My Note 5 is basically brand new you can't alter them because the bootloader is locked, I've never sold a phone but I suppose I could try to get some money for an AT&T specific Note 5.



    First question is can I use a phone such as the OnePlus 3 directly ordered from the company with T-Mobile?

    If so, any ideas how to unload an AT&T Note 5? Can T-Mobile give me some credits toward my bill or something?

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