Does anyone had to replace their Galaxy Note 4 more than 6 times in less than a year? Most of the times for the same issues?


    STarting May 28, 2016 i have been calling customer services with issues with my Galaxy Note 4, to make the history short, they had replace my phone around 6 times after that call, always for the same model, and again always issues with the phones, when is not the battery keeping the charge, turning off when is around 30% or 25%, is that the light sensor get block and the light doesnt turn back on, or the touch sensor malfunctioning, this is really frustrating, they don't give me any other option just to replace for another Galaxy Note 4, and the last 3 times, they don't have the phone in stock so i have to wait 11 days for it. I can't cancel my account due to i still have to pay the cellphone until August

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