Why doesn't the Binge On VUDU monthly promotion seem to work anymore?


    For the last couple of months, every time we go through the steps to obtain our VUDU promotion code, the web site confirms that we are eligible for the VUDU promotion, but then when we try to accept the terms and conditions of the promotion, and move through the process, it just loops us back to the beginning of the process rather than moving forward to actually obtain the code. I have called customer service on several occasions about this issue, and they have been able to confirm it is a problem and claim that they will notify the engineers about the problem to get it fixed, but it still is not fixed. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide it relation to this rather frustrating matter.

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      • barcodeable

        Hello jrusaf


        I have also used the VUDU promotional credit. If you were not already aware there were notable terms and conditions related to the mentioned promotion. There tmobile site outlines the terms very clearly. I will post up the link to the information listed when i find it again, but im only writing what i can remember reading from the Tmobile site. Many of the Customer Service Reps have no clue what credit you are referring to because I had called one time several months ago and they kept focusing on the T-Mobile Tuesday Movie Credit..... well anyway... i can sum it up for you really quick.



        THe TERMS



        1. You have to have the Simple Choice Unlimited Plan (T-Mobile ONE Plan isn't eligible for this credit.


        2.  you have to have your Binge On turned on for the full month prior to getting the VUDU credit.


        3.  The VUDU Promotional crefit is for the 2016 year. Its 2017 now, Promotion has ended (HAPPY NEW YEAR).



        FYI: I am keeping my eligible unlimited lines with the BingeOn switched on, in hopes that T-Mobile come up with another incentive for us "Truly Unlimited"  Users to have our BingeOn activated. im keeping it active until April... After easter sunday, my BingeOn will be going BingeOff (Happy Easter)

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          • jrusaf

            Thank you for the reply barcodeable. Yeah, I meet all of the above referenced terms, and as indicated in my initial post, T-Mobile representatives (When you finally get to the right support within T-Mobile customer service, because as you pointed out, most of the T-Mobile representatives I spoke to did not even know what I was talking about, and assumed it had something to do with a T-Mobile Tuesday promotion) have acknowledged that this was an issue that needed to be fixed by the T-Mobile engineers, but I guess T-Mobile must just not see this as much of a priority anymore with it moving onto T-Mobile ONE. It was interesting to see, however, that the VUDU promotion was possibly only good for 2016 - It is still out there on the promotions page. In addition, the issue I brought up has been an issue since approximately October/November 2016. Thanks again, and take care.

              • tmo_chris

                Hey jrusaf,


                Sorry to hear that you are not able to get your monthly credit I am not able to see your account so I can’t tell what the status of the report the tech teams sent to the engineers is. I would recommend that you reach out to out T-Force team using the Facebook/Twitter links in my signature so they can take a closer look at this as well as give you an update as to any previous tickets you had sent up.

                  • jrusaf

                    Hello tmo_chris, and that you for the reply. Unfortunately, I do not utilize Facebook or Twitter, so your below referenced recommendation does not really work for me. Yeah, this has been quite a bit of work on my end with no resolve for a measly $3.99 monthly credit. The first time I contacted T-Mobile customer service about this matter, I was transferred to a higher level customer support agent in Colorado, and that agent took the time to go to the VUDU eligibility promotion web site (www.T-Mobile.com/promotions), and utilized our T-Mobile Phone Number, our T-Mobile Account PIN, and Promotional Code VUDU to replicate the issue I was having, and he said he would forward the matter to the engineers to get fixed, and that this process should take no more than five business days. After waiting even more than five business days with no change in the web site I contacted T-Mobile customer service again, and was transferred to a higher level of customer support agent in Texas. The Texas customer support agent did the same testing as the Colorado customer support agent, and also said he would refer the matter to the engineers to get fixed. After waiting even more time with no change in the web site, I contacted T-Mobile customer service again, and this time, was transferred to a higher level customer support agent in Canada. The Canada support agent seemed to be confusing the matter with a T-Mobile Tuesday promotion, and would not even try and replicate the issue I was having like the Colorado and Texas agent had done, and basically did nothing to try and assist with this problem. In light of this, I contacted T-Mobile customer service yet again, and miraculously, was transferred to this exact same higher level customer service agent in Canada. This time, the Canadian customer service agent still was not willing to try and replicate the issue at the promotions web site, but rather, indicated that I needed some type of VUDU reward card that would be mailed to me, and then I would not have to go to the T-Mobile promotional web site any longer, but rather, go directly to the VUDU web site and enter code from the VUDU reward card I would be receiving in the mail. Here is an except from an electronic message I had received from T-Mobile on December 20, 2016, and shortly after the above referenced telephone discussion with the Canadian customer service agent:


                    Thank you for participating in T-Mobile Promotions!


                    Your submission for VUDU has been approved.  You will receive your reward in the mail within the next 2 - 3 weeks.


                    If you would like to track the status of your reward card please visit us at: www.t-mobile.com/promotions.


                    For details on on T-Mobile's privacy policy click here: www.t-mobile.com/company/website/privacypolicy.aspx



                    Problem is, it is now January 28, 2017, and I have still not received this mailing from T-Mobile. In addition, the supposed tracking of this reward card just brings me right back to the same T-Mobile promotional web site I am having a problem with, and does not provide any additional information concerning this reward card.


                    Thanks again for your reply.


                    Best Regards,



                      • tmo_chris

                        You have definitely spent way more time on this than you should have jrusaf. I assure you that if there was a way that I could access your account and figure out what is going on, I totally would. With this community being primarily a user forum, we the community staff, do not have access to customer accounts. I hate to refer you to customer care again as I know you have spoken with the many times which is why I suggested T-Force.

                        • barcodeable

                          I noticed my regular lines get the VUDU credits  .. bit my 3 free lines do not. And I contacted T-Force via twitter... they first asked if I had more than one VUDU account (which is an irrelevant question because the bottom line is, I'm not getting the credit issued to me by T-mobile). And T-Force at first was confusing the monthly VUDU credits with the T-Mobile Tuesday VUDU credits. T-Force also replicated the loop back that you mentioned concerning the issue you also had and they told me it looks like there was a glitch, and to contact the rebate center. I CONTACTED the rebate center explaining everytging and they sent me an email telling me that they could not help me, they only deal with promotions, AND I should contact VUDU.  I did not contact VUDU because VUDU isn't giving me credits, T-Mobile is providing the credits for me to use on the VUDU site.


                          I on the other hand contacted tmobile customer support.... the young lady was so nice and it seemed genuine... not the fake "I understand your concern talk".... she promised to call me Sunday.... I'll see if she calls to let me know what's going on.... but I just checked the promotional page and just like in your situation.... I see I was approved for some sort of VUDU credit.... and It will be mailed to me in 2 to 3 weeks.....  not sure what this mystery VUDU mail will include.... but after 4 weeks.... I'll be calling Customer care up if I don't see anything in the mail


                          I will have my fingers crossed. And as you stated.... it's only $3.99   .... but if I am entitled to this $3.99 credit, I would like to receive it. Even if it were only a 25 cent credit.... I would like to see the 25 cent credited to my account.


                          Have you had any luck receiving these "VUDU codes " in the mail???


                          Have you contacted Customer Care again????

                  • barcodeable

                    i checked my vudu promotion portal this morning ... and found out that T-mobile is still providing Monthly Vudu credits.... FYI

                    • barcodeable

                      now this month.... two of my phone lines are not getting the VUDU credit.... i go to the promotional page and do the "I am not a robot quiz" but then i get put into a loop where i have to keep putting my information in all over again... I will be calling up customer service this week... to have them fix this mishap...

                        • artart

                          barcodeable wrote:


                          now this month.... two of my phone lines are not getting the VUDU credit.... i go to the promotional page and do the "I am not a robot quiz" but then i get put into a loop where i have to keep putting my information in all over again... I will be calling up customer service this week... to have them fix this mishap...

                          Hi barcodeable

                          I have been going round and round with customer support about ths issue for months. Every few weeks a new support ticket is submitted. Nothing, I repeat nothing ever happens. I have more than once talked to tech support in charge of the website. Tickets are submitted. Nothing ever happens.


                          Here is my workaround. Once my billing period is up and I am entitled to three more movies (one for each line), I call customer suport and give them the broken website URL.   T-Mobile pays the rep (again) to spend the time using my login credentials to confirm that the website is broken. T-Mobile continues to pay the rep to write a new ticket (again). T-Mobile needlessly spends a lot of money for reps to take care of the same issue over and over month after month


                          Here is the good part. . . T-Mobile then (again) pays the representative to issue me a credit for $3.99 x3. I tell the rep thankyou very much for taking care of my issue again this month. I'll call back next month again if  the website is still broken.


                          Somethings really bother me. This issue no longer does. It will only bother me if T-Mobile should stop giving me a bill credit.


                          Art . . . . AKA Bill Murray "Ground Hog Day"

                        • ssmatl

                          It still works for me, just redeemed today. I've redeemed several times, but have only used the credit once since January 2016. I put these notes in my monthly reminder:


                          After your bill cycle closes each month, visit www.T-Mobile.com/promotions.

                          • Enter VUDU in the promo code field.

                          Pin is last 4 of social

                          • Enter in your mobile number and the requested verification information.

                          • Retrieve your Vudu promotional code


                          Like others have already stated, it's probably not even worth the hassle because the credit expires in 30 days and a lot of the better movies cost more than 3.99. To combine 2 months of credits, you can claim one month's credit late (3+ weeks after you're eligible) and the next month's credit on time.