Use minutes and Data working with other carriers?


    I am using my Tmo number as a virtual line for work on my personal Verizon iPhone7 plus.  besides the minor annoying bits(lack of iOS 10 integration, nudge nudge!)  things have worked and worked better then when I was using google fi/voice.


    BUT I have always had to have the app set to Network settings - use Data..


    Is the use minutes and data setting something ONLY for Tmo customers using 2 Tmo numbers on a Tmo phone or is this supposed to work with other carriers too?

         If I active that setting on my phone I will get the texted code and it says my phone is authenticated, BUT inbound calls will not notify at all, in app or when outside of the app. The app fails to ring or acknowledge there is even a call.

    Steps I've taken


    1. set up use minutes and data.  get authentication text, app says authentication completed successfully.

    2. close app, complete close via double tap home and swipe.

    3. open app..   call virtual number, no call acknowledgement  but the call rings on phone that placed the call and then goes to VM


    3. switch setting to use data only.

    4. close app via home button and swipe

    5. open app.  call virtual number, call acknowledges as expected. notifications appear as per normal expectation


    6. uninstall app and reinstall -- re run above process from step 1  same results.




      I would like this feature to work, if possible and notify me of calls correctly of course.

    I am more then willing to test, log, do whatever if someone from Tmo needs...

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