What happened to discussions?



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: What happened to discussions?

        Hey 9er1.


        Are you having trouble posting discussions in a certain space or spaces? If so, which ones? Please walk me through what's happening exactly and we'll help you out.



          • flashfox

            Re: What happened to discussions?

            I can't even find the "LG lumped discussions" section. I have a V20 and apart from one post there is nothing nor can I post anything. See below as even several T-Mo Help persons (Twitter) confirmed BUT were not able to explain why it's happening


            Why can't a T-mo community manager/rep share with us what is happening with the forums????

          • raybone

            Re: What happened to discussions?

            No kidding everything used to be in section so if I have a Leon which I do you would only see conversation related to the Leon now everything is just crammed together very messy. Why was it turned into this mess of a forum? Whoever did this should be written up or fired.

              • beej

                Re: What happened to discussions?

                What raybone said.  All LG phone discussions are now lumped together in one giant thread instead of being broken down by the model.  I have a LG G Stylo and I can't get to that specific thread anymore either.  It makes this support forum basically worthless.


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                  • flashfox

                    Re: What happened to discussions?

                    Even more odd is that you can no longer create a new topic in the LG V20 section. There is now just one older message from a user and no way to create a topic. Two "T-Mo Help" persons (Twitter) confirmed this too and had no idea what was happening. Have a look here: LG V20


                    Is it a technical problem or is T-Mo abandoning the forums?  .

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: What happened to discussions?

                  Hey all!  I replied to 9er1's newer post on this same topic, What happened to customer discussions?, but I wanted to make sure we addressed this with you!  We've been preparing for a site facelift, so we're tidying up - condensing discussion spaces and cleaning out dark dusty corners where we were hoarding old threads.  You can't invite the construction crew in when your hallway's lined with newspapers!  All of this mayhem will have a sweet pay-off, I promise.  Thank you all for your patience and we're sorry for the mystery!


                  - Marissa