2nd phone to DIGITs


    Can a 2nd phone be added to DIGITs?  I already have a 2nd device added to my existing line, a Gear S3 wearable but want my non iOS device added as well.  Possible?


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      • tmo_evan

        Re: 2nd phone to DIGITs

        Yes you can do that.  Just go back through the registration flow and pick the particular scenario you want to test.  Do be aware that we may not be able to honor the additional request, it just depends on how many lines of service you have with us and how many extra lines we have provided as part of the beta. 

          • benyukhis@gmail.com

            Re: 2nd phone to DIGITs

            Thank you.  Do I need to order a separate line for this device and order a new SIM before contacting DIGITS?  What is the procedure assuming I have a virgin new device (not a wearable) which does not have the SIM that I would like to provision as a duplicate for my main line?


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