Can I move an in-progress call from watch/phone/PC to one of the others?


    I looked at the menu available on my phone when on a call but I don't see a way to do this.

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        • tmo_kirstin

          dshrum84 this is an available option, but we have found that it only will transfer to another phone that does not have the active sim in it. For example if you have a phone with your main sim and a virtual line active on other devices and the call is placed to the virtual line and you answer on your phone there would not be an option, but if you answer through the app on another device you should be able to transfer the call to another device that has the virtual line active through the app. If you have your primary number active on another device through the app and answer on that device you would also be able to transfer that call to another device that has the primary number active through the application. I hope that make sense and is easily understandable. If you have other questions please feel free to reach out.

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          • azdreamscape

            I just called myself, from another phone.

            I answered on my computer, and then 'switched devices' to my main device (Nexus 5).

            after a short delay, my Nexus 5 started ringing, and I was able to answer again and 'continue' the 'conversation'.


            If I answer on the Nexus at first, there doesn't seem to be any option to switch devices, but perhaps that's because my main number wasn't turned on in the DIGITS app? Trying again...but of course, the SIM number in the phone can't be used with the DIGITS app...silly!


            Time to pull out a tablet...

            If I answer on a tablet using the App, I CAN switch the call to my 'SIM DEVICE' (main phone).

            If I answer on my computer, I can then switch the call to my tablet, and then switch the call to my Nexus phone.

            I could have switched the call directly to the Nexus, or or two other tablets (that aren't powered on right now).


            So, I conclude the 'switch device' functionality DOES work depending on what device you answer the call from in the first place.


            As Kirsten states, there is apparently no 'switch device' option from a device with a SIM in it...although you can switch the call there, it's a dead end.


            I'll save testing calls to my virtual number for another time.

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            • azdreamscape

              OK, virtual line testing results.

              Of course, since the virtual line has no associated SIM, the results are a bit different.

              Calling from another phone I own, from another line to my virtual number.

              Virtual number active on computer (via Chrome web interface), tablet, main phone, and work phone via the DIGITS app.


              Answering on the computer provides certain switching options.

              I can switch the call to 'Main Device', Nexus 5, or my work phone. Switching to 'Main device' appears to fail. Switching to 'Nexus 5' and the call rings on my Nexus 5, my Gear S3, and my work phone. Switching the call to my work phone, and that phone  (and only that phone) successfully gets a forwarded call.


              Answering on my Main device/Nexus 5, the call is answered by the native phone app. There is no provision to switch devices here. If I go to the DIGITS app, I can 'Transfer to number', 'Switch Device', or 'Transfer to contact'. If I select 'Switch device' I get 'ANDROID BT' (not sure what that is), 'No name', my work phone, and 'Sim Device' Of these four choices, only switching to my work phone was successful.


              Answering from my work phone, there is again no provision in the devices native phone app, and switching to the DIGITS app failed to transfer the call to any of the four choices. It appears the call is connected as if the call came through on the device's main line. I suspect this is due (mostly) to the fact that my work phone number is not 'registered' as a valid digits line.


              Answering on the tablet, I can choose to switch to 'No name', or 'Sim Device'. Choosing 'No name' is successful, and rings my main phone/Nexus 5 as well as my Gear S3. Doesn't ring on the work phone, but if I dismiss the call (on the Nexus 5), I get a missed call notification on the work phone! If I switch the call to 'Sim Device, the switch is indicated as successful on the tablet, but nothing rings and the call is sent directly to voicemail.


              So there you have it. There are probably some permutations I have overlooked (like trying it on a different tablet), but I think I can safely say that device transfer does work with some huge caveats.


              In conclusion, (at this time) I would say it's flakier than Grandma's pie crust!

                • dshrum84

                  So basically, I can transfer the call in a game of tag around all the secondary devices.  Once it reaches my phone or watch, which both use their SIM to represent my main number, it's stuck outside of connecting watch and phone by bluetooth and using the independent menu options there.


                  I hope the end goal is to be able to transfer calls to and from all the devices using Digits.

                    • azdreamscape

                      I agree.

                      I would say the end goal should be the ability to answer on your tablet, move the call to your PC when you sit down in front of it, switch the call to your wearable when you get up to look for your phone, and switch the call yet again to your phone as you get in your car and drive to the airport.


                      Having the names of the devices be in plain language (whatever your preferred language might be) will be MANDATORY to enable such functionality...'SIM DEVICE' ain't gonna cut it.