Phone prices between Metro and T-Mobile

    I have often wondered why the prices vary so much between the 2 services.  Metro will offer a Zmax pro for -$100 and T-Mo for $179, or the LG Aristo is -$100 on Metro...-$60 with instant rebate, but T-Mo wants $150.  I know these are lower tier phones, but why the huge difference?  I know Metro is prepaid, but T-Mo is usually postpaid, but even with buying outright at full price it''s always more expensive on T-Mo.


    Are there features on phone can do that the other cannot?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Phone prices between Metro and T-Mobile

        Typically the devices will be the same, although T-Mobile devices will often have more proprietary carrier features, like upgraded Visual Voice Mail, native WiFi calling, etc.


        Metro will just have different deals at different times, T-Mobile will also have deals, often better, just less often.