Pay as you go plan - can't buy data passes in the T-mobile iphone app? Can anyone else? WTF?


    Just activated today and its been a disappointing process.  I'm leaving the country for a year and thought it would be nice to have coverage when I come back to the states from time to time.  The Pay as you go plan seemed like the way to go. I got activated just fine but things got pretty ridiculous when I tried to find out how to add data.  I called 611 and they kept trying to sell me a data pass over the phone.  I explained that I didn't need it yet, I was just wondering where I would go to purchase a data pass when I needed it since I wasn't given an option in my My T-mobile account.  They said I could in the app.  Download the app and it won't work unless it is activates on a t-mobile data network (even though it was connected to a wireless network).  WHAT!?! So I call and find out that I have to buy a data pass by phone so that I can activate the iPhone app.  Fine pay $10 for the 1gb plan (even though I don't need it yet) BOOM the app activates fine and Im in!  Now I discover there's no way to buy data passes in the app?? WTF!!!  Total BS right...someone please tell me I missed something and that I didnt make a huge mistake picking T-mobile as my US carrier...

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