Anybody having GPS problems with the LG G Stylo 2 Plus?


    This is kind of a long post and I provide a detailed experience with the phone and Tmobile store representatives so if you want the short version of this post, just read this: I've had problems with both the LG G Stylo and the LG G Stylo 2 Plus with the GPS--it doesn't update when you're driving and before you know, you've missed your exit by 5 miles!



    I originally had the G Stylo and saw that the phone had plenty of other users with the same problem as me--GPS wasn't working often. Some solutions were given--Google. But ultimately none of them worked for me. Now my sister ended up needing another phone and I was wanting to get a new phone so I gave her the G Stylo. When that phone just stopped working, the screen just didn't turn on, she decided to get another phone. She liked the previous phone and decided to get the newer model, the LG G Stylo 2 Plus. Within 2 weeks, the gps problem came up again. My sister and I go to the tmobile store and tell them about the problem, they suggest a factory reset and told us that if we were Pokémon Go users and enabled developer options to create a false gps location, that will mess up the GPS. To enable developer options, required some know-how and touching a menu option 7 times--I certainly didn't know that but the direction was to do a factory reset and make sure that the mock gps was turned off so I had to look it up on how to even make sure that it was turned off.


    The solutions given to us to bypass the problems were laughable. One person said that it may be app related--the Google Maps app could be at fault and using Waze is just as good and if the GPS problem really is an issue, just remember the directions by looking at it. So, I didn't know that some phones require only some apps to be used in order for a gps to be functional.


    I think the store located at the Tustin Marketplace just doesn't want to handle returns or they get docked for accepting too many returns. Case in point: when my sister tried to return cell phone towers that help signal in locations that aren't very good, she was turned away at the Tustin Marketplace location and was told that that needs to be handled online or over the phone. Baloney! She does it online and she gets a prepaid label with instructions that she could return it at a Tmobile verified store or mail it back.


    Anyways back to the phone. After the factory reset, I decided to test it and once again the gps signal "was lost" according to the Google Maps app. All in all, this could be isolated to a very few select LG G Stylo 2 Plus devices but I do find it odd that this problem popped up with two versions of the same model. Mind you, I've owned several Androids like the LG G3 and the Moto X Pure and none of them ever had GPS problems.


    Anybody else with this problem?


    Update: my sister didn't want to argue with Tmobile again so she's just going to tough it out with the phone despite it being erratic with the GPS.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey hermespag,


        I am sorry to hear that your sister is having so many problems with the GPS on her Stylo phones. GPS issues are typically pretty simple to trouble shoot as GPS is one of those things that should just work. You have already ruled out the issue being software related with the factory reset you did. The only other things to really consider are going to be more physical in nature such as the phone case (if she has one) and the location of the phone having a clear line of site to the sky. I know it is strange to have the same type of issues with 2 different models of the phone. I'm thinking the issue could be related to the GPS radio in the phone as they are both manufactured by LG. Not saying that the GPS radios by LG are bad which I'm sure you can understand not having any of these issues with your G3. Also, LG is not going to sell a phone where the GPS just plain does not work so it’s not going to be an issue with ever Stylo you get.


        I am sorry that your experience in the T-Mobile store was not as smooth as it should have been. I think what happened here was that the stores cannot process immediate warranty exchanges outside the 14 day buyer’s remorse period and referred you to call our customer care team to file the exchange. We could have assisted you with getting in touch with out over the phone support there in the store so I sincerely apologize that we dropped the ball there.


        I think at this point, if your sister is not using a phone case made of tin foil and not in some underground bunker, we can safely say that the phone is faulty and would need to be replaced. If you are an authorized user on the account with her or if she is just on your account, you can Contact Us and our support teams will assist you with processing the exchange.

        • hermespag

          Well Tmo Chris, I appreciate your response. As maddening as it is dealing with that specific store, it is what it is. My sister decided to just deal with it. The phone is great regarding everything else so she'll just deal with the intermittent issue.


          I decided to post on this forum to let other users' know that their issue (should they have it), isn't isolated. I hate finding out common issues months after I've been using it. It was the termperature with the g3 and the the gps with the first g stylo. Haven't had any issues yet with my current phone, the iphone 7 or my previous phone the moto x pure 2015 (other than motorola not committing to monthly security updates). So...I'm a happy customer.


          Thanks again.