FEATURE REQUEST - DIGITS App or Multi-Line Support for Windows Phone


    I know that Windows Phone is likely super low priority, but it would be nice to see either a DIGITS App, or even better, OS multi-line support for Windows Phone sometime in the future.  (NOTE:  I do realize that duplicate SIM is already supported.  I have it working with a Lumia 640 test device.)


    Any chance this is on the 'TO DO' list for future development?


    Just curious if this would this be a significant effort to develop?  Also, are there any Windows OS challenges (architecture, security, etc.) that would pose a challenge for this to happen?

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      • camsoper

        I don't imagine it would be too difficult to implement, it's basically like any other VoIP app.  Skype Preview and WhatsApp really set the bar for what VoIP apps should look like on Windows 10 Mobile.


        (Disclosure: I work for Microsoft, my opinions only.)

          • tidbits

            He wants it at the OS level and that would require your employer to integrate code and I am pretty sure that it isn't that easy to do regardless of who you are.

              • camsoper

                What would it do that the Skype Preview app on W10M doesn't currently do?  It integrates nicely into the OS.


                Of course, this is all hypothetical.  With such a small userbase, there's no way T-Mo would invest time and money in a Windows UWP app at this time.

            • tmo_kendra

              Hello Beta Testers!!! This is some great feedback. I will pass this along to our DIGITS support team. Thank you