Digits App (or related) loaded to Windows PC triggers Anti-Virus (?)


    I've been using the Digits via Chrome Browser on my PC for over a month.  No real issue until today I downloaded the Win 64-bit application to my Windows 10 PC and the app was scanned by Symantec Endpoint and it took no issue, but noted low adoption among Endpoint users (I expected that because its a betas product).  What happen next not sure at this point:


    Immediately as I logged in to the app, I received a Anti-Virus Triggered Notice pasted for your review - showing files that I'm not sure are related to the Digits app or not.  They were managed and Quarantined as you can see.  Since my PC is well patched and protected and this is VERY, VERY rare to me to get any type of message, the coincidence cannot be ignored.


    I post to see if anyone recognizes the files and see if this is a legit Anti-Virus trigger or a FALSE positive.


    I would expect Digits would have a problem if it is their files being quarantined or removed.


    Please advise,


    Symantec Hit -via Digits.jpg

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