SIM for iPhone 5c not working (No SIM)




    SIM on the left is what was sent to me today for DIGITS, SIM on the right is the SIM for a different line that is not being duplicated.  The one on the right works and they look different. 


    The left side was bale to be seen in a Fire Phone but I couldn't get the app to activate the line probably due to the limitations of the Fire OS.  But why would my 5c not recognize the SIM?  It just doesn't see it at all.  Do other people's DIGITS SIM look like the one on the left in the picture?

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      • azdreamscape

        Re: SIM for iPhone 5c not working (No SIM)

        My 'duplicate' SIM looks just like the one on the left in your photo.

        The SIM for another 'regular' line I recently set up doesn't look like either of those!


        Despite the differences in appearance, what really matters is where the contacts in the SIM slot touch the contact points on the SIM.


        I doubt there is any functional difference between any of them, otherwise it would be total chaos.