how do you unlock my iphone 5


    because i moved from new york and my sim card isn't working

    i tried so much things but nothing help. i bought the phone from here

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: how do you unlock my iphone 5

        Hi lisavelgrave!  I'm sorry we didn't get this handled for you before you left New York.  You can find details about the eligibility requirements to request an unlock for your T-Mobile iPhone here - Unlock your mobile wireless device.  Essentially, it's a checklist.  If you meet those requirements, you'd simply Contact Us and we'll file the request for you.  Just a heads up - iPhones are unlocked remotely by Apple, so once we've verified the eligibility, we shoot a request to them and it does take a few days to complete, at which point you'd connect your phone to iTunes to complete the unlock process.  Best wishes for safe travels!


        - Marissa