When S7 Edge loses signal, it does not re-acquire it.


    Hello all,


    I've been having this problem for a while now, search results haven't turned up much of anything.  I will occasionally lose signal due to being in a tunnel, etc. that's fine, but the problem is, the phone never reacquires signal when I come out of the tunnel.  If I have my phone in my pocket, not checking it, it could go for hours.  It just says no signal, even when I know for sure I have full strong signal, like in the middle of Times Square.  I have to reboot my phone, even airplane mode won't help, and then I have it back; along with a bunch of missed calls, texts and WhatsApp messages that I missed during this phone-coma.


    In summary, the phone shouldn't be doing this.  It should try to reacquire signal regularly and then when it is in a good signal area, connect and make it available.  I'm the latest OS and everything, Tmobile pushes it out.   So, not sure what is going on here.


    Any help appreciated.



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