User "Allowed Device XXX"?


    I have been trying to check if my S2 has been set up yet, so I went to

    Under DIGITS I Can Use, I selected my primary phone.

    On that page, it has 3 entries under User:

    • Allowed Device 096
    • Allowed Device 962
    • (my email address)


    Who are these users?

    Is there any chance we could get more descriptive text (Or tell us what they are and allow us to change the text?)

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: User "Allowed Device XXX"?

        Hello ransomv


        This should actually be set within your account. If you log in there and go to Profile there is a drop down with each of your lines. After selecting a given line, you can go to Account Settings. Here there is a Nickname field. Change this field to control what is displayed.


        Hope that helps. If I've misunderstood or that doesn't seem to resolve the issue, please let us know!

          • ransomv

            Re: User "Allowed Device XXX"?

            Let me clarify.

            In the past, I already set a nickname for all of the devices on my account. (Meaning all devices for everybody in my family.)

            When I go to the DIGITS #/lines page, I do see these nicknames.



            The issue is when I go to the mydigits.../consumer/#/lines page THEN select my primary device.

            On that page, there are 3 lists: USERS, Devices and Other Devices.

            In the USERS section is where I see 2 DEVICES listed.

            • I find it odd that Devices are listed as Users.
            • I find it odd that Devices I don't recognize are listed.



            A) How do I find out what those "Allowed Device ..." are?

            B) Is there some way to update the name so that I am confused as to what is what in the future?

              • ransomv

                Re: User "Allowed Device XXX"?

                Sorry, I intended to attach this pic:


                  • tmo_tim_b

                    Re: User "Allowed Device XXX"?

                    Thank you for the clarification and the screen shot.


                    I'm trying to replicate it on my end but I haven't come across quite anything like what you're displaying. I do know you cannot modify the names at this point, which is feedback we can take back.


                    I would not expect any devices you've signed into to show up there. I've even checked with a pairing similar to yours with a wearable device being held. However, do you know other devices you know signed in to use your number, just to be sure? You could remove a device from this screen and see which signed in device is impacted. Then sign back into that device if you did want to use it. That way you would at least know which one is which. If you're not aware of these other users at all, I'd probably recommend removing them and changing your T-Mobile ID password.

                    I am going to check with others around here to see if we can find out why it's displaying this way as well. Any additional information you can provide in the meantime would be helpful.

                      • ransomv

                        Re: User "Allowed Device XXX"?

                        Not sure what else would be useful.

                        • The 3 digits after "Allowed Device" do not match any of my phone numbers as far as I know.
                        • I have a virtual line that I have only tried a couple of times.
                        • I just acquired a Samsung S2 and submitted registration papers for it on the 10th. The e-mail I got said 48 hours, but when I called DIGITS support a few days later I was told it would be 5-7 days. (Today would be the 5th business day.) As far as I know, it isn't active yet.
                        • I do sign in to using my primary phone number/password when on a computer. I mainly do it on my work computer and my home PC, but I have also done it on: My test computer at work, my laptop at home, my Tab E, my old Tab A (which has been reformatted so my son can use it). Also, I have done it with a lot of older devices that I have quit using more than a year ago.


                        Also, I am hesitant to remove devices until I have a better understanding of what they are. I had an experience once where I removed an account (not a cell account), and the provider quit supporting new accounts of my type, so it was just lost forever.

                • lemmyslender

                  Re: User "Allowed Device XXX"?

                  I've got the same issue as well.  My screen looks similar to ransomv's, with the exception of only having one "Allowed Device XXX"


                  I'm also hesitant to delete it, in case it turns out to be something important.  It showed up right after I signed up.  At that point, I was only using the DIGITS app and website.  I have since ordered a duplicate sim, so I don't believe it is related to that.

                    • ransomv

                      Re: User "Allowed Device XXX"?

                      A great thanks to tmo_tim_b and tmo_marissa for their spending extra time on this!


                      It turns out the "Allowed Device XXX" were technically "Non-SIM" devices that had been granted access to my account. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot more detail available as to what the devices were, or how long they had been there. It is my guess that they had been there for years, but weren't showing up in because they were obsolete. But that is just my guess.


                      In the end, I did remove them and everything is still running great.

                      If you have a similar issue, it is my recommendation that you just remove them.

                    • tmo_evan

                      Re: User "Allowed Device XXX"?



                      Let me give you some context on what these are since they are definitely part of the DIGITS experience....


                      If you log into the DIGITS app where you are logging in with the phone number (the second option on the main login screen vs logging in with your T-Mobile ID), this sets up a request for a device to have access to your phone number which is a little different than when you log in with your ID since in that case it's confirmed to be 'you'.


                      Since the network doesn't know who you are in this instance it's meant for cases where a customer may not have setup a T-Mobile ID or may want to have access to only a single number for a short period of time rather than permanent usage, these show up as "Allowed Device XXX" in the list of allowed users for your phone number.


                      In the future, you are going to be able to allow other people to have access to your number, so for example your spouse and you could share a phone number in which case both your spouses and your t-mobile ID will show up in the list.  If you then had a tablet where you want only this number and not all the numbers on your account to be available, you could then use the phone number login method and this would generate one of these Allowed Device items as an additional identity to use your number.


                      We recommend that most customers during the beta use the login with T-Mobile ID option since it is the main method for login, but if you do use the other option, it will generate some of these Allowed Device entries in the list off users who can access the device.


                      Let me know if you have more questions.

                      Thanks again for trying out DIGITS!