Update for LG V20?


    My friends with the LG V20 on other carriers have already received multiple over-the-air updates for their V20s.  I have received none since the phone was released, and I still live with several "version 1" issues on the V20.


    When does T-Mobile plan to release an update for the V20?


    Where can I list my issues with my V20?  The most notable are problems with:

    1. multiple Bluetooth devices and the "chooser" in the drawer disappearing.
    2. Bluetooth losing connection to attached devices, interrupting/stopping audio playback and not always cleanly reconnecting.
    3. applications being closed as soon as they are moved to the background.
      • Even my old Samsung Galaxy Note3 can swap smoothly between two favorite apps while the V20 kills one or the other while in the background, requiring a lengthy reload time and losing my place within the app.
    4. generally slow performance despite factory resets, especially with the camera when rotating from portrait to landscape.  Simply not a very fast phone despite all its "new-tech" specs.





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