i want to get t mobile family plans back


    i got a s7 on their bogo deal on Nov 12 , the deal was only good if you add a line. i removed 2 lines on my account and then added a new line .On the same day, the t mobile  untrained employed persuaded me to get T mobile one , which i didn't want , he still kept asking until i got it. This month's bill was almost $300 because they're charge me for 2 phones. i was supposed to  be charged for 1 phone because i  got the phone , when they had buy one get one free deal. my phone bill for 5 lines ,for family plan was $160 way cheaper than their t mobile one for four line which come up to almost $300. i want to change my plan back to family plan...

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: i want to get t mobile family plans back

        Oh no, somlal, I'm so sorry to hear that this plan change wasn't what you expected, and that the promo isn't applying the way you anticipated.  From taking a quick look here T-Mobile Offer Details > Prior Promotions > TM26 - 2016 November Samsung BOGO - it seems as though you did everything correctly, and that the plan change might have even been necessary depending on what previous plan you had.  I want to be totally up front here - although you can stay on a grandfathered plan after the current offerings have changed, when you've switched off of one it's typically a no-go to move back to it.  That said, we'd really need someone with the ability to review your account details to get to the bottom of what's going on and why you're not receiving the credits you expected for the second phone, or determine what happened regarding your plan and why it seems to be much higher than you anticipated.  The Support Community is a user forum, so we don't have the ability to access your account ourselves.  Please Contact Us so that we can get to the bottom of this for you as soon as possible.


        - Marissa