Random incoming texts not received in iOS app


    I'm having an issue where random incoming SMS messages to my virtual line don't come into my iPad Pro until I force quit ("kill") the DIGITS app and relaunch it. I've been having this issue for quite a while, but I kept hoping the next version of the app would fix the issue. I'm now on version 1.0.105 and the issue persists. I've even tried force refreshing the message list, but that has only worked a couple times. I don't seem to have this issue on the Web portal (I rarely use it, though). Seeing as how this iPad is usually the only device using the virtual line, no other devices should be conflicting. I REALLY want DIGITS to work well for me because I'm physically disabled and confined to wheelchair with my iPad Pro mounted in front of me, so having it work as a phone/text device with a single number and app would fix be fantastic.

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