Can't receive SMS messages from 1 number


    Been in the DIGITS beta almost since it started, have not seen any major issues so far.  However, recently, I noticed I do not receive SMS messages from a system here at work.  The system uses a GSM modem to send SMS messages.  The SIM card in that device is from Ting.  The GSM modem can successfully send to other T-Mobile numbers just not mine.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Can't receive SMS messages from 1 number

        Hello ynotacif


        We definitely want to find out why your line cannot receive these messages. I take it you noticed no problems receiving from this system prior to DIGITs? Are these messages sent from a short code or to the phone's address? Also, is it being sent to a duplicate line or do you have a virtual #? Finally, are you using the DIGITs app with this line signed in anywhere?