Suggestion: Swap primary number


    One thing that would be nice for the multiple number one device BETA is the ability to swap the primary with the second digits number. This would allow the phone to use the secondary number on the native phone when needed. If the digits application were to crash, if you consider the secondary number more important, it would be nice to swap it, as the secondar number would now still respond to phone calls and SMS.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Suggestion: Swap primary number

        Hello dblaber


        I do like the suggestion, and I can definitely pass along the feedback. At the same time, knowing how DIGITs works, I don't believe that would be an easy thing to make happen. I will say, we are working with the OEMs to have DIGITs built-in rather than as a separate app. I use this on my S7 Edge already, and it works great. All of the native features are in play, I can switch between lines in the dialer or the messaging app, and incoming calls and SMS come in as normal regardless of which number is being used. I foresee this being the way we go in the future, though we will continue to develop the app to support devices that do not have/will not get this level of integration.