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    i signed up for the 2 free line promotion with voice and tablet line. How much data does the free promotion lines included? my voice line has no data and the tablet line only gets 200 mb. Now my bill increased by $50. I am not sure if I'm getting my credits because a lot of people are saying that data comes with the promotion. Called and chatted with T-Mobile, none of them seem to understand about the promotion. If am T-Mobile here in the community knows anything please help.

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      • wtssuperpower

        Re: T-Mobiles 2 Free Line promotion

        If you were on a plan that qualified for the promotion, then the free lines would have the same amount of data as the lines which qualified you for the deal.  Does that make sense? 

        So, for myself, I have the Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match Plan and at the time of the promo I had 2 active lines.  So, both of the lines I added during the promotional period have 6GB of data.

        Hopefully, that helps?



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