Is there a difference between the iPhone and non-iPhone sim cards?


    I used a digits duplicate sim in my T-Mobile iPhone 7 that I had originally ordered for my Pixel XL. Well I swapped the sims, (Original SIM that came with iPhone went into Pixel XL, and duplicate beta sim that I ordered for Pixel XL went into iPhone) and I had some problems with the texting. Texts that I was sending with the iPhone were being received as the duplicate sim's other placeholder number, not my main number. This only happened sometimes, as other times it would go through correctly as my main number. Wondering if it has to do with the iPhone's number setting, where you can replace the phone number. When I changed it to my main number (not the number that was assigned to the duplicate sim card) it seemed to fix the problem and texts from my iPhone with the duplicate sim went through fine as the main number. Overall just very odd. Haven't had any problems with the sim cards in the right spots though, except that texts come about 10 seconds later on the duplicate sim when its in my Pixel XL. Which is odd because calls come in at the same time.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Hello dylanharlow


        Thank you so much for letting us know what you're seeing. There is no difference on our end, so you should be able to put the duplicate SIM in any compatible device and have it work. You shouldn't have had to change the number in the iPhone, but that's definitely good information for us to take back! The only thing with iPhones is that iMessage needs to be shut off on all iOS/MAC OS devices you have with that same Apple ID.


        For the SMS delays, this only happens when the duplicate SIM is in the Pixel, correct? You don't experience any delays when the duplicate SIM is in the iPhone?

          • dylanharlow

            I don't use iMessage at all because I use android devices as well. I am now having much more significant issues with the duplicate sim. It now is not receiving any text messages at all to my main number. It does receive and send messages on its duplicate sim number. The duplicate sim does however receive calls and make calls as my main number. I cannot send out any text messages from the duplicate sim, I am getting a response back as shown in this screenshot on both my iPhone and Pixel XL when texting any outside number and my own number.


            I removed pairing to my main number and repaired it last night, and it didn't help solve it. What to do from here?