BLUBOO Dual (Android): how to set up wifi calling?


    I'm trying to set up this feature on a BLUBOO Dual (Android) which seems to have the feature in place.  When I try to make a call this way (it says "IP Dial") it goes to a new screen that says "IP prefix number (T-Mobile)" and below that, "Enter prefix number for IP dial".  Is this the same feature that T-Mobile calls wifi calling?  (Previously I used Wifi calling with this number and SIM card using my Samsung S4 just fine, provisioned by T-Mobile.)


    Part of my question is: "what is the prefix number it is asking for" and part of my question is "is their IP Dial on this phone the same thing as T-Mobile's Wifi calling?"


    Thanks for any ideas or hints!


    This is the phone in more detail: Bluboo Dual: a dual-camera smartphone - $109.99 flash sale - AndroidPIT

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      • tmo_lauren

        Thanks for reaching out!


        Hmm, because this is a third party app, I'm not quite sure what it is asking. Prefix can often refer either to area code, or the country code. Have you tried either of those options?



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        • tmo_mike_c

          Based on the verbiage, it does sound like "IP Dial" would have something to do with Wi-Fi calling, but it's hard to tell with this phone. Keep in mind, it may not work exactly like Wi-Fi calling does on a T-Mobile branded phone. As for what IP prefix it's asking for, this is also hard to say because our phones don't ask for this. I'm thinking your best chance at getting more info on this would be to contact the manufacture directly. Sorry we don't have much more information.