T-mo is charging me for data provided by my home ISP. Stay with me for a moment... I live in rural america where tmo has NO SERVICE and so without their Personal CellSpot connected to my router, I would have ZERO phone or data on my device while at home. Following??? So if I were to unplug my home router I would not be able to send/receive calls, texts or data from my tmo phone.


    Yesterday, while sitting in my living room connected to my CellSpot receiving data from my ISP/router, I received sms notification from tmo that I had exceeded 26GB data on my UNLIMITED PLAN and I would therefore be throttled from now until my billing cycle renews should Tmo determine necessary for load balancing on their network. Wait. What!? 85-90% of that 26GB of data was delivered by my ISP, not Tmo's network, and yet they see it as consuming their resources. And now I'm being unjustly penalized. What am I missing here?


    Logic would suggest, customers on paid limited plans and prepaid also utilizing the CellSpot are getting ripped off because Tmo counting data provided by customer's ISP as going against their monthly allotment. Wouldn't this be classified as fraudulent activities?


    Did you know that Tmo considers us rural subscribers using WiFi and CellSpot calling as data points for their network coverage maps!? They are misrepresenting their coverage to potential customers. More fraud.


    Additionally, since I cannot lock down my CellSpot as AT&T and Verizon customers are permitted to do with their analogous femtocell/microtower, I'm left providing data and cell service to anyone in my neighborhood that can grab my signal. As is common with rural internet providers, I have a data cap. I could be unfairly paying to provide data and cell to Tmo subscribers, and subject to data overages with my ISP as a result. Illegal.


    This has to be breaching consumer protections laws. Tmo is building out their coverage on the backs of their subscribers, having us to fill in the holes of their networks. It's no wonder they give away these CellSpot devices rather than charge for them. It's a slap in the face they now want to throttle my data when the majority of what my device consumes is provided by my home ISP. Repeated calls to Tmo have not brought about any response or follow-up from higer up reps. Any suggestions on where to take this fight?

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      • drnewcomb2


        If you use WiFi, your data consumption does not count against your quota. The only reason to use an LTE CellSpot is for seamless hand-off when you walk outside.


        T-Mobile has some pretty good lawyers and I'll bet they aren't violating any laws.

          • drewpern


            On my 2 acre parcel I lose WiFi as I approach my lot boundaries but 4G LTE coverage is solid at all corners. I'm working going in and out often, working in the yard so WiFi calling is not a good option. Sometimes I find the WiFi calling feature not working even though I'm within range with the feature enabled. Using 4G LTE I am assured I won't miss a timely call or sms.

              • dragon1562

                Re: T-mo FRAUD & ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES

                Honestly man you should look into network extenders so you can use your internet and just rely on the cellspot for calls and texts. You could also look into upgrading your router as well. Long story short use your wifi as much as possible and not the cellspot if this is a issue.


                However i wouldn't worry to much man your not gunna be throttled if your on a truly unlimited data plan. It only happens during times of congestion and since your the only one connecting to the mini tower there should never be congestion.