iOS notifications?


    Hi, I use digits for a "work" cell phone line on my personal iPhone through a different carrier.  I have the app setup and working but notifications are ---- lack luster for sure.   when getting a call is the app really only going to make a small banner on the lock screen, that just barely happens to happen 3D Touch?   is there any plans to integrate in to iOS more to allow a much better notification system?

    Also upon  unlocking the device, there is no continued notification until you open the app.




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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: iOS notifications?

        Hello justins567


        First of all, thank you for being part of the beta. We truly appreciate your time and feedback.


        I've tested out iOS with the app as well, and we've had many comments from other users on the integration into iOS, along with the notifications, so I can assure you it's something we're looking at closely. We are working with OEMs to get more devices that have DIGITs built-in, but I do not yet know what that looks like for iOS specifically. Either way, we'll definitely make sure your feedback gets to our developers.


        Thank you so much!