i want to view my text messages sent to my lost phone


    Is there any way to view text messages that have been sent to my lost galaxy S5?

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      • tmo_marissa

        So sorry to hear about your lost Galaxy, thebiggermre!  Missing messages is tough, especially if that's your primary method of communication.  While I'm sad to say there's no way to get every message you've missed, you can have a new SIM activated for your line and place that in a temporary device if you have one or a loaner phone if your local store offers that program.  Though there may not be many since they do time out, messages cached in the system will arrive immediately, and you'll have a way to avoid missing any more.   Please note that if you have insurance this isn't a step you should take until your claim is already filed, since your insurance covers whatever device was most recently used on your line, not your specific IMEI - so to avoid having the wrong phone replaced, you should definitely File your JUMP! or Premium Handset Protection (PHP) claim first.


        - Marissa