BUG: Labels in Messages are wrong


    I got the latest update this weekend. (v1.0.124 for Android)

    I went to do some messaging on my Galaxy Tab E and noticed that labels are incorrect.



    1. Launch the app, then select MESSAGES
    2. Select a user. (In my case JD)
      Note that the initials JD show up on front of the name. (Full-size screen shots at bottom.)
      Screenshot_20170117-094021 - Copy.png
    3. Select another user (In my case RD)


    Expected Results:

    The initials RD show up in front.


    Actual Results:

    The initials from step 2 show up in some cases. In other cases there are no initials, just an image.

    (Again note that full-size screen shots are at the bottom.)

    Screenshot_20170115-085633 - Copy.png



    I found that if I killed the app and restarted it, then selected a different user first, then their initials get used all over.





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