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    Has anyone had any success setting up a printer using AirPrint with the TMO CellSpot? I haven't had any luck, but after investigating it sounds like enabling multicast routing might possibly help. Only problem is that the current firmware doesn't seem to allow this feature to be enabled.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: AirPrint setup

        Sorry to hear you haven't had any luck with this jeffkrans.


        I wish we had more info that could help here, but this kind of configuration goes a bit beyond what T-Mobile supports. If you're looking for additional setup help beyond the basic setup, reaching out to directly to the manufacture would be the best bet.

          • jeffkrans

            Re: AirPrint setup

            Thanks Mike, but I think unfortunately in this case, ASUS won't be able to help either since the CellSpot contains a customized firmware from TMO.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: AirPrint setup

                Happy Sunday jeffkrans!  I'm not sure if this will allow you to complete the set-up you need, but I downloaded the User Manual at the bottom of the How-to guides: Wi-Fi CellSpot Router page and did a quick search for "multicast" and it turned up a few results, including a toggle in the Professional (Advanced) Settings (page 53).  Our training for this equipment is on basic how-to and set-up, router configuration is directed to the manufacturer - so TBH, I'm out of my league trying to advise you here, and I agree that reaching out to Asus would be recommended.  However, in the interest of saving you a phone call if we can, I just wanted to share that link with you - let me know if it helps!


                - Marissa